After two decades of professional experience in Digital Media, I crossed the entire range of design-related activities: over time I’ve been Web Designer, Flash Designer, Content Designer, Game Designer – you name it!

Essentially, I discovered to be a Designer  by Heart, Brain and Soul: and learned that Design is not just about creating fancy aesthetics, but it’s a philosophy – a way professional writer service of thinking – which puts in relation problems and means, in order to come up with the best solutions.

Because of that, most of my activities have been – and still are – subjected to an inescapable rule: they’re always kinda ahead of their time.

However, it seems I have a good enough Karma that makes them spot-on some time later: I just have to hold on til then! ; )

Currently I’m the Supervisor of Google-funded ‘Immersive Lab’, at Fondazione Mondo Digitale, in Rome. I focus my activities on the conception and development of Immersive Simulations for Educational, Professional and Entertainment applications, and I also teach the weekly workshop “Immersive Design & Storytelling”. I love to see these technologies in every field of Human Experience, but what I’m very passionate about is their terrific potential in School Education: there we can provide our Younger Generations with the write essays for money Knowledge and the Tools to rethink our Present and reshape their Future.

On both an Authorial and a Technical plan, my primary objective is to achieve an Evolutionary Leap towards a Hybrid Medium: which combines the Emotional Strength of Cinematic Storytelling, the sense of Immersion of Virtual Reality, and the Intense Interaction of Video Games.

Thanks, and Welcome!


"Games are the most elevated form of investigation"

Albert Einstein